How to Brew Pu Erh Tea

1. Prepare
Have the tea leaves and tea ware ready.

2. Wash and pre-warm
Pouring 212 F (ie 100 Celsius degrees) boiling water to wash and pre-warm the teapot and serving teacups.

3. Weigh tea and measure the water
Take about 8-10 grams (0.282192 – 0.35274 ounces) tea leaves

4. Rinse tea
Pour the boiling water and just cover the tea leaves for about 10 seconds to wash and waking up your tea leaves. And discard the water.

5. Brew the Pu Erh tea
Pour about 90 – 100ml water into the standard Gaiwan. Brew the tea for about 2-5 minutes. Usually Puer tea can be brewed more than 10 infusions.

6. Serve
Serve your friends with the tea

brew pu erh tea

brew pu erh tea

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